meroz- elixir

brama-livs-elixir-annonce-1904Meroz on ainult Myspace‘s. Mitte midagi mitte kuskil mujal. Ei ühtegi videot, esinemispilti, Hypemachines pole mingit infot, keegi pole temast midagi kirjutanud. Aga ta lugu esitati BBC Radio One’s ja ta teeb väga head muusikat. Eriti hea on lugu nimega Elixir. Kuula ta Myspace‘i.

What is a kid to do with a beat? Seven years suited up in his pj’s on Christmas morning, crusty-eyes wiped clear to discover his journey; yes people; one of those lovely four piece Generic drum kits sitting, begging for a beat. Some years later- a proper kit and a nationwide tour to smoke filled rooms all over from New York to Chicago, and D.C. In 1993 hip hop approached him with fat laces—break’n, graffiti, Hieroglyphics, A Tribe Called Quest, and De la Soul. It all changed when the beat walked him into a little warehouse party to discover another life, one with Paul Johnson putting it down on three turntables. That constant pressure against his chest- another heartbeat in key with his own. He had no other option. He began working the tables with a drummer’s mind and the ability to mesh multiple rhythms over each other. As a musician he had to create his own path and with the awaking of Daft Punk Homework in 1997 it was clear that other people were working the angle in life he wanted. It took some years to meet those people- Josh Barnes being one of them. 2003 marked their release of Automatic & Silk- The Gospel According to Chicago on Bumpin’ City Records which was also featured on DJ Emma House 11 on Avex records Japan. 2005 brought Hystereo with Automatic & Silk- Gonna Love You on Soma UK as well as various solo remixes including High Caliber-Forever Soul Music. In 2008 Bumpin’ City Records released Jackwars by Automatic & Silk. Where will the beat take Justen Parris in 2008 and beyond? Well, people of eternal beat…     I give you Meroz.*

*Meroz Myspace


4 Responses to “meroz- elixir”

  1. 1 Sir Ehala
    January 14, 2009 at 11:18

    Väga mõnus indeed!

    kui nt paned Meroz.your.lover googlisse, siis leiad, et teda ikka teatakse, ka nt BBCis 🙂

    aaa ja sul on myspace viitamisega midagi pekkis, äkki saad ära parandada…

    nice find 🙂

  2. 2 buugi
    January 14, 2009 at 14:16

    tegelt ma seal raadiost teda kuulsingi, a mai tahtnud kohe seda välja öelda… a väga hea on küll 🙂

  3. 3 Sir Ehala
    January 14, 2009 at 14:18

    njaaaks my bad siis 😛

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